Julian Thew (2)

by snoopy
Submitted by: snoopy on Fri, 24/02/2006 - 7:44pm

snoopy: The EPT has often received criticism regarding its blind structure. What did you make of the structure in last week's Scandinavian Open?

Julian: The Copenhagen EPT's structure was spot on - an hour clock with all the right levels

snoopy: Excluding the hand that saw your elimination, what was the turning point for you in the competition?

Julian: I guess about three hours into day 2 - I'm not picking a lot up but am probably average chips. I raise UTG to 9k with J-Qs and all pass to the BB who moves in for 29k.
I've been a bit more aware of pot odds recently & figured I was getting at least 2 to 1 on a call (there was a running ante as well) - If I called and lost I'd be short, but not dead. If I called and won I can play more pots and hopefully really accumulate. I called, he had 7-7, which was just about perfect, as was the queen I flopped.

snoopy: What did you make of WSOP champ Joe Hachem as a player?

Julian: I didn't get to play with him, but I imagine it's probably dawning on him that life as a WSOP champion probably isn't always a bed of roses; it looks like everybody wants a piece of your time! Finally, I'd swear he wears make-up.

snoopy: How much of a difference does that day's rest make before joining the rest of the field for Day 2?

Julian: Well myself & the wife had a great day exploring Copenhagen but I doubt a day off made a lot of difference in a 2 day comp - perhaps in a 4 or 5 day comp a day off would be a good idea prior to the final

snoopy: What was the standard of play like? Remember, tikay didn't play this event.

Julian: He he, I'm happy to report that the standard was very mixed. I think a lot of locals would have qualified via satellites and there was a large contingent of online players, who whilst perhaps do very well online, haven't quite grasped the subtle differences that a slow clock, big tournament, requires.

snoopy: Was there any player to whom you discovered a newfound respect for?

Julian: I've always admired Edgar Skjevold's play, and he played one or two pots in the late stages with real finesse and bottle - great to watch and his HU finish was well deserved.

snoopy: Which player in the field did you least want to cross swords with? And why? Remember, I wasn't playing.

Julian: Pure hilarity. I don't have a good record against Ram, he seems to always know where he is with me, so for the time being I'm happy to keep him at arm's length.

snoopy: Did you live up to your 'Yoyo' nickname during the comp?

Julian: Kind of, but not really. I'm not afraid to make a big call, or move if I think the pot is up for grabs so swings are pretty much inevitable. This weekend the majority of my decisions were good, meaning less swings.

snoopy: How has your life changed since taking on poker full-time? To what extent has it enabled you to improve your game?

Julian: Life has been great since I quit work, I'd been in a rut for years and I really don't miss it. My results have improved as a consequence and this is in part due to not having to worry about crawling into work the next morning, especially now that many comps straddle 2 days

snoopy: Many fellow players have predicted big things for Julian Thew. Does this put more pressure on you to perform?

Julian: Not at all, I try not to take too much notice - there are many, many great players out there, I just happen to be one in a small spotlight because of my William Hill sponsorship and of course, my ever so close relationship to a dewy eyed tikay